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Diego Cusano, ecletic Illustrator and artist  of international fame, transformed his passions into a new profession, the Fantasy Researcher.
After getting a Master’s degree in Visual Arts and Graphic Design, the artist travels all along Europe for a long and intense period seeking new creative stirrings, determined to create a new independent artistic identity out of the schemes.


In 2013 the long waited new insight pops-up; Diego starts experimenting the collage technique pulling together pencil drawings and still life images, illustrations and graphics.

Among the countless daily use objects the researcher explores and gathers the possible combinations and, driven by a curious instinct, creates a new fantasy - ironic and surreal. The Fantasy Researcher turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, climbs over the border between reality and fantasy inviting to smile and to free the imagination, wherever and ever. Art, food, fashion, celebrities, cartoons, his themes are multiple and each one became a chance to describe and share his particular point of view. During the same year Diego promotes his project on the Instagram profile @diego_cusano posting a new creation each day; an un-expected web reaction brought the artist among the creatives more followed of the social networks with more than 400.000 followers. The interaction with public is essential, followers are often involved to live interact to comment the developments of new projects and to satisfy curiosities.


In 2014 he publishes the illustrated book “Food Art & Fantasy”, an unusual menu dedicated to fantasy gourmets consisting of 35 illustrations. This publication opens doors to success and since 2015 his hive of creations boasts important customers like Warner Bros., Adidas, Diesel, Dior, Cartier, Haribo, Gruppo Mondadori and many other international and domestic partnerships.

But Diego Cusano’s fantasy also confronts with the tough reality which makes a strong impact to him, a simple image on paper has the power to show sparkling happiness or terrible sorrow, like the illustration of the Big Ben soaked by a tear in memory of the victims of the brutal attack in London, image broadcasted by social networks, newspapers, newscasts and tv programs worldwide.

Diego Cusano’s style is unique, his brand protects both his creativity and the hard path taking him to success.

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